Get to Know the Band

Adrienne - Lead Singer

Adrienne's singing “career” began when she was a young girl, age 8, when she recorded her first unofficial track, Cher’s “Half Breed,” into an antiquated tape recorder. In high school, Adrienne attempted to form a group with a fellow classmate, but that project never came to fruition. It was at that point, Adrienne decided she wanted to become an attorney and studied pre-law. After graduation, she began working an Assistant State’s Attorney for Cook County. During her 30 year career, Adrienne didn’t find much time to pursue musical adventures. However, at the end of her legal career, Adrienne joined a rock band and began performing on the weekends as a backup singer. She eventually went on to perform as a lead singer for various rock, funk, and blues bands, including Arena, Deja Groove, and Playhouse. After joining up with a fellow musician in Rockford, Illinois, Adrienne became the lead singer for Fast Lane.

Geoff - Guitar

Geoff’s musical influences are from the 70’s rock era and from his dad who loved to listen to a wide variety of music. He started playing guitar around 10 years old in a summer recreation class. Geoff has played in bands around the Madison, WI area. He enjoys playing in Fast Lane because of the wide variety, “something for everyone “ music that they play.

Mirek - Guitar

Not much is known of Merik. Some say he's the devil himself, while others say he's the dark shadow watching over us, keeping evil at bay. Whatever he is, whoever he may be, one thing is for certain... he's been known to shred the guitar like the love child of Prince and Slash. 

Glenn - Bass

Glenn has been performing with various bands most of his life, mostly in his hometown of Chicago. He also did tours in Texas and Japan. Glenn moved to Southern Wisconsin in 2007 and since then has worked with several bands including two highly regarded tribute acts.

Jeff - Keyboard

Jeff considers himself a "late bloomer," although there was always a piano in his house growing up, he didn't join his first band until he was in his 30's.  However, he has stayed active ever since. Jeff has been part of numerous cover bands as well as bands who preformed original music. Now retired, he's making up for lost time. For the past 6 years or so, Jeff has been playing with Vehicle6 in the Madison, WI area, and has now added Fast Lane to the mix.

Stanley "Sticks" - Drums

Stan has been drumming since he was 6, banging on pots and pans. He bought his first kit when he was 14 from Biasco's Music Store in Chicago. Two years later, he formed his first band with his brother-in-law. Since then, he has rocked out with several other bands such as Zabel in the 90's and Paul Waters and the Lonesome Tears in the 2000's. He's played blues, rockabilly, and anything in between. "We're like family," he says of Fast Lane. He eats pizza crust first.

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